“Buccaneer have been working with Trio Accountancy services for over twenty years and have developed with them wage, profit & loss & cashflow systems to be able to run our business efficiently & effectively.

We have always found Mervyn & the team to be helpful, understanding & sympathetic to our businesses needs whist giving sound advice on accounting & tax matters.

We have regular accounting deadlines to meet & when put under pressure the Trio team have always gone the extra mile to ensure that we achieve our timeframes set in a professional & courteous manner.

I feel that Trio are an integral part of the Buccaneer business & are crucial to our success.”

“Tiger is no ordinary company, from the outset we were very clear we didn’t want to work with ordinary people. Tiger is a fast paced retail business,  I am please to say that Mervyn and the team at Trio didn’t disappoint in matching our aspirations. When we started the company we were looking for a business  support company who could grow with us. Small enough to understand our day to day challenges but large enough to have the skills and resources required for success at a price we could afford.

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“I have been a client of Trio Accountancy since 2011. I am delighted to say that I have found the team at Trio extremely helpful, they have always provided me with excellent advice and support regarding all of my tax matters. I have received  a consistent professional service from all of the team at trio and would highly recommend their services”.

“As a small business we had chosen to go with a big name accountancy firm originally but quickly became disappointed that we were paying over the odds and not getting the service we needed.  When we switched to Trio, Mark and his team quickly found new ways we could save money and reduce our tax payments which has continued until this day – would highly recommend them.”

“I have been a client at Trio for 16 years. Mervyn and Mark are consistently attentive, informative and professional. Straight forward professional advice delivered in a straight forward manner. It also helps that they and the team at Trio are exceptionally nice people too. I would not hesitate to recommend Trio”.


Frequently Asked Questions

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I am thinking of changing accountants, how easy is it?

. If your current firm of accountants no longer ‘fits’ your business…
. If you feel they are too large and treat you as just another client number, rather than an individual..
. Or too small for your growing business and you worry if they can handle the complexities of your business…
. Or you’re simply not getting the service you and your business deserve…
…then you should be thinking about changing your accountant.
You may think that changing accountants is too difficult, or not worth the trouble, but it is actually quite easy and straightforward.
So if you have made the decision to change, just contact us and we’ll do everything else, and this is the sequence of events that we will undertake.
Step 1
We will contact your current accountant and explain that you are moving your business to Trio. We’ll even draft a brief note from you to your old accountants to confirm the move.
Step 2
We will arrange for any of your books or records which they currently hold to be transferred to us
Step 3
We will obtain copies of your accounts and tax computations from them
Step 4
We will advise HMRC and any other government offices that we’re looking after your affairs.
And that’s it – it really is that easy.

Although I know what I am doing with my day to day business I don’t have a head for numbers so need someone who can explain everything to me in plain English and take all the stress out of my accounts, perhaps even do all of them for me – is this something you cover?

Absolutely – this is one of the services which we at Trio have provided since it was founded. We process the records you deliver to us, and produce the necessary reports and make sure you understand these.

When my company was larger we had a book-keeper who came in one day a week and did everything for us. Now they have left I really need help working out what the important spreadsheets and files are that have been left behind. Do I need a computer expert or can you help?

You don’t need a computer expert, you need an accountant, and this is one of the areas we can help you with. We can examine your computer files and advise you on the future maintenance of these.

Do you do payroll work as I do not understand how to calculate it?

We do indeed prepare payrolls. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Can you help me work out if I am better off employing people full time or using contractors?

Yes we can help you, but this is a delicate area as far as HM Revenue and Customs is concerned, so you will need our professional advice. Please contact us to discuss this.

I am just starting a new business and not sure whether to go sole trader or create a limited company. What advice can you give me?

We can certainly advise you on the best way to proceed based upon your particular circumstances.  Try our handy pdf guide by clicking here STARTING IN BUSINESS

After my recent divorce I need to re-organise the shareholding of my family business and am thinking of just going self-employed. What are the financial and tax issues I need to consider?

There are several areas that need to be considered here, and a consulation with Mark is essential to go through the consequences of all the alternatives.

I need to teach my new employee how to collect the information and financial numbers we need to produce accounts. What software would you recommend and how can you help?

It rather depends upon the type of business and the skill set of your employee. Once we know these facts, we can then tailor our advice accordingly and suggest any training that you may need. Please contact us.