Simon Hall

“Tiger is no ordinary company, from the outset we were very clear we didn’t want to work with ordinary people. Tiger is a fast paced retail business,  I am please to say that Mervyn and the team at Trio didn’t disappoint in matching our aspirations. When we started the company we were looking for a business  support company who could grow with us. Small enough to understand our day to day challenges but large enough to have the skills and resources required for success at a price we could afford.

Today I view Trio as very much part of our own team. They are fully integrated into our operation and undertake all of our accountancy and financial services from Payroll, financial planning, budgeting, income and expense control and many more besides.
Working with Trio has allowed us to focus on selling more product and growing the business while Merv and the team sort out the important details.
It’s been a vey successful partnership so far, last year alone we grew by over 600%. However for me and in some ways more importantly I like to work with people I can trust and laugh with. A company who goes the extra mile to make our lives easier and ensures that they have our best interests at heart.  I can honestly say that this is true for the team at trio.”

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